Donald Trump Goes To Hogwarts 2
Donald Trump Goes To Hogwarts 2 hogwarts stories

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A parody commenting on President Trump, the ridiculousness of the magical world, and the plotline of the new Hogwarts Mystery game.

Donald Trump Goes To Hogwarts 2

So now I'm officially a Slytherin. I'm going to make Slytherin great again.


Damn am I attractive ;-) \

Brightest kid in my class I'm the best

I'm so rich. Can you tell? Richer than the Malfoys

I've got it all!

But I'm missing one thing The title of the "Greatest Wizard ever"

That title currently goes to Lord Voldemort Or Dumbledick. Depending on who you ask

And my journey begins To be the best wizard in the world

To start.....I guess I better learn some spells. Perhaps Professor Dimwit can teach me some curses

uhhhh i don't know if you're ready for curses yet Donny \ \

Why are you trying to learn curses? \

To make Hogwarts great again / /

I'm sorry..... I can't...... \

You better teach me \

Did you just threaten me? 500 points from Slytherin. And detention. \

You're ugly anyway You will pay \

Ha! You got detention \

oooooo sexy lady \

What'd you say? /

Damn gurl \

Nobody can know I got beat by a girl


Join me for part 3 -- where I make detention great again

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