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drac_ula A guy who writes short stories & poems!
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Please remember how hurtful is it to dismiss the abuse someone has been put through, it can cause so much hurt and it certainly shows ones true colors when done.

I wrote this with my mother in mind, a woman who has hurt me in many ways but I'm growing stronger each day.

The weight

The weight of words. They can raise you to the highest heavens, bring you such joy, make you smile.

But they can also hurt. Scar, mangle, destroy ourselves. Just words alone can bring so much damage. But did you ever think of that?

The weight of actions. Kind gestures, simple gifts, the action of pulling one into a loving hug.

But they can also bring pain. The action of looking away when ones hurting, of turning your back in ones darkest moments. To abandon them when they need you most.

The weight of the world. It can be thrilling, exciting, even inspiring. The way a flower blooms, or the grass grows, the sound of a child's laugh.

My world is full of so much good. But there's also scars and wounds unhealed. The weight of my world can hurt, can burn, all from the damage you've done.

But I'm stronger now, and I'm growing each day. The weight is easier to bare, even if the memories of an unsuccessful guardian still hurts some days. I'm stronger, and the weight is getting easier.

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