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How much thought did you spend in Naming yourself? Your online presence is so is equally, if not even more, important as your real one nowadays

What IS your name actually

How much thought did you spend in Naming yourself?

Your online presence is equally, if not even more, important as your real one nowadays

I always was a Huge fan of symbolism. Everything I saw needed a meaning or a symbolistic way to interpret it.

pretty understandable that I got more and more depressed the more I searched for the reason of life and never found an actual one.

So I always wanted people to look at my stuff and immediately recognize what type of person I am.

the things I do, write, record, craft, etc. needed to be a representation of myself.

that is the same thing with my name.

I actually spend years thinking about it. but it takes just a few minutes to explain the biggest part of it.

as a fun fact: the first Nickname I ever thought about was "Dragonwolf"

sounds like something a child would name himself but I actually had a good reason for it.

This name is at some point still in my current name, if you believe it or not.

But first, I explain to you something I recently heard about:

"Biblical Naming"

Biblical names are supposed to be more than just a name. and if those characters really existed the could've had completely different names for all we know.

But their names in the Bible have a Purpose, a reason, a symbolistic interpretation.

A good example is the story of the twins, were one had Lycanthropy and the other had the Name Jakob.

His name was given to him because he held his Brother's foot then they were born. but later on, it got another Meaning.

Liar or Imposter, because he double-crossed his, technically older Brother, twice very heavily.

with that being said, What do I want to tell you?

What I want to tell you is, If you have the possibility to choose your name, why don't you give it a meaning that represents you?

I'll explain how I came up with my name for example

DR4POS is set together from the words, Draco and Lupos

Meaning Dragon and Wolf

the 4 silhouettes my most favorite mythological person

but Why those creatures? why not something that doesn't make me look like a fucking Furry?

Well easy. Those are my favorite creatures in existence and they represent an absolute antithesis to each other (and I was like 6 then I first thought about it I didn't even know furries)

or so I thought.

the Dragon

first of all: It's not real. it's a fictional creature that doesn't exist in this world

it's often portrayed as a menace, a threat, or even the devil itself.

but it's also seen as a Guardian sometimes, or as something like a God.

something that, if it would be real, would protect the sky and the mountains

also, it is supposed to be a firebreathing creature that can fly, so I got 2 elements already

there are even sociology theories about it.

like it being probably like a Crocodile if it would be real. But because of its size mostly alone.

trusting its own strength and being able to fly aboth anything else

now the Wolf part

A wolf is real, obviously, and was original to be found ALL OVER THE WORLD.

there is literally no place there a Wolf can't survive as long as it got it's most powerful strength.

The Pack.

Wolfs always hunt in Packs, ALWAYS. and they got even different strategies for it.

wolfs also have an alpha-male and an alpha-female. There is no "Stronger gender" in a pack of wolves

they respect each other and each other's strengths and abilities.

A pregnant Wolf is being protected obviously but other than that are there are no "Special treatments".

Also, wolves are also portrayed as a thread often. because wolves killed sheep and other farm animals.

because humans hunted a lot of game, despite having their own sources of food.

think about the fairy tales that got wolves in it. they were always portrayed as evil.

but in more modern and in the old American Indian beliefs, are wolves more seen as a Guardian.

a guardian of the woods and also sometimes seen as a godlike creature.

they live on earth can't fly but are surprisingly good at swimming.

so two more elements.

what do I want to say with this?

what is my symbolism?

My name pretty much says all I want to be in life.

I want to be strong enough to survive on my own.

but social enough to have "My pack" my group of people I can rely on no matter what.

I want to protect all of those I come across or that I am close to.

But I want Burn down all of those who try to threaten them

I want to be the BEST VERSION OF MYSELF that is Possible.

I want to be the God of Barista.

the start of my own fantasy to become real

because I'm good at hot drinks and because I can kinda inspire people.

and that is Why I ask you

What is your name actually?

what do you want to represent with it?

what meaning in life do you search for?

and what are the Goals that lead your way?

Thanks for your time

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