Misanthrop vs. Nazi
Misanthrop vs. Nazi thoughts stories
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A dialog between someone who blames a certain group and someone who blames everybody including himself.

Misanthrop vs. Nazi

"Why do you hate immigrants that much?" I never understood those people, "Why do you think they are so different than you?" For me all humans are similar.

"Perhaps I can understand how you feel if you can explain why!" For me are all humans just ... "You know I don't dislike you I just don't agree with you!" All Humans Are Fucking Bastards!

"You really want to know that? And you won't judge me?", "Hmmm, I will probably judge you anyway, but ..." I'm born to make my own thoughts, "But I'll try to understand you as I said."

"Ok, the truth is, a few years ago An immigrant Shot my father!" Great! a thing I can't really relate to. "He killed him. and I was just a few meters away." Oh, he saw it.

Imagine Dr4pos: is there anyone around you that you consider to be close to you? maybe your mom or your sister?

I would probably be sad if one of them dies. Would I hate a group that did that? yeah, you already hated a specific group because they bullied you.

Is that the same? No, it isn't but ... you antagonized this group anyways because of it. And if the would 've killed one of them you would've hated them more ... Probably?

"Ok, I think I get it! I guess it makes sense why you hate them then!", "You GUESS it makes sense? what does that mean?"

How do I explain that without being rude? Do I care about his feelings at this point? Should I? Let's just be honest no matter how weird it sounds.

"I mean in other countries and in ours happens this every day on the other side!", "What do I care about other countries?" "You don't have to."

"What I want to say is a lot of people around the world share the same fate as you. Because one fucking idiot thinks his life is more valuable than the Live of another"

"I know that already! what do you want to tell me?"

"What I want to tell you is easy. And you probably figured that out already. The whole FUCKING humanity is a piece of shit, a bunch of bastards, a fucking failure as a species!"

"Because everybody thinks at some point they're better than others for some Dumb reason, even me because I feel every day no one else gets this."

I always felt like this. "I would be okay with the whole fucking world burning down, or a next world war or a plague."

"Something that eradicates humanity to a minimum without a certain judgment: FAIR!"

"That is some scary shit you're talking about! you know those things could hit you either right?"

That shit again! "I know and that is the point everybody has the same chance to survive and humanity as either to work together"

"Or is going on the edge of extinction. In the end, can only something good happen.", "that humanity is getting almost extinct is a good thing?"

"Absolutely! The earth and Nature could finally recover and then the Day comes I will laugh at the Humanity.", "And I thought I'm crazy! But I think I understand you too."

"Finally! Almost no-one gets this! They always say, but you are a human too. As if I care.", "Yeah, I know what you mean!"

"I think in the end we both hate Humans but I just hate all of them and not just a certain group!"

And the moral of the story: you can be an asshole if you want, but be fair at least and tread everybody equal.

The worst things you wish for someone else to happen could happen to you either.

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