DUO Pt2.
Pt2. duo stories

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The first day at wher ever they are

DUO Pt2.

I was laying in my bed. Even with the painkillers and the sleepingpills I got, sleep was somehow impossible. "Specials are, some kind of hard to explain abilities. Most of them are supernatural." that is what she said after i asked her about it.

"this place is helping people to get a special they want or that fits themselfs. That's why we have a lot of furries and scalies here, so called beasts. After that come the elementals. People that can Control or create a specific material or element. Like fire, ice or metal.", "you'd be part of the third category, you are an unusual with your two bodies."

This is what they said. I tried my best not to move because every movement I tried was bursting my head. "I wonder if it is possible to have multiple Specials." was I saying to myself. "We'll see some tomorrow, Perhaps." I always talked to myself like I was talking to someone else. "I just wish we are able to move easier by tomorrow."

After a while where I spent time monologing, I finally fell asleep. And it was like always, I dreamed nothing at all. The next day I woke up, I cuddled myself. Either I managed to move my bodies more freely in my sleep or I my brain, pardon, brains, were able to train this situation for me. It sure felt awkward.

Feeling yourself cuddling someone twice. I looked into my own eyes and the only thing I could think of is, how do I get out of bed? I somehow managed to losen the grips and took back my arms. I sat up and managed to stand after, what felt like, an hour of struggling. There was just one way to get control over this situation.

I pressed my arms against my chests, focused on the feeling on the skin and the arms. And then, I started to touch my bodies, each by themselfs, like I have to go through an airport security check. I tried my best to focus on which arm touched wich bodypart. I technically calibrated my bodies and made sure I really just move what I wanted to.

I Felt like I knew now how a scrambled egg feels. But now everything was fine. A rhythm was missing, so I created a certain beat in my head to help me navigate. With every beat I make a movement. That way I managed to navigate to the wardrobe I saw. Perhaps I find some clothes and hopefully I manage to put them on.

Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. "Are you up? Do you need any help?" that voice sounded like Ines. "Not now I try it on my own at first.", "what are you trying?" I heard that question but I was not answering it. I tried to put on some underwear I found in it. Surprisingly, the wardrobe was filled with my old clothes and a lot of new ones.

Obviously I needed some girls clothing but I haven't thought they would give me that much. After round about 20 minutes, I thought I was ready, so I gently made my way, still focusing on the rythm in my head, towards the door and opened it. "hey you managed it!", said Hannes but Ines did not look pleased at all. "you go with me!"

She grabbed my female body's arm and dragged her back into the room, so abrubtly, that I completely lost focus. Now the male body stood next to Hannes, who also looked surprised, and my female body is back in my room again and is having a dress check. My loos of focus was so serious that I was scared to even move a finger.

Meanwhile Ines was undressing my female body to check if I got the right underwear and got even angrier after she saw that I haven't put on a bra. I couldn't understand what she was shouting just that she meant that, "a young lady should take more care of those things!"

After she was finished molesting me she pushed my female body out of the room. Now that I finally got some rest I managed to focus again and recalibrated myself again. "What du you do there?" Hannes looked question at me. "I recalibrated my bodies. Just to make sure I sort the right body parts to the right bodies." "Is this necessary?",

"I don't know but it feels easier now.", "anyways let's get some food." said Ines and lead us down the floor. It galdly wasn't as hard as yesterday to navigate but I still needed to focus a lot just to not stumble over my own feet. After we reached the cafeteria I witnessed a yet unknown scene.

The Cafeteria was filled with people that looked like walking animals, or had animalistic aspects. Not all of them but sure a lot. Suddenly I felt extremely nervous. I always hated crowds but I don't even know how I should handle it if I have to interact with them. Ines pushed my bodies into the cafeteria. "You can do it! Don't worry we're here. Go get 'em!"

With the last words she sended me again in to the crowd pointing at the line for the food. Just a few meters in and i already bumped into some one. A very muscular built man looked down in me. Switching between my bodies. How was I even able to bump into him with both bodies at the same time? Looking at him it made sense, but still?

"New here?", he asked and smiled in big grin. "first day.", I replied. "well then let me help you." for him I must be just something like children. He put his hands on my back and walked with me towards the line, pushing me forward. Most of the people looked at us and they seemed to be afraid of him.

They all led us past and before I knew it we were at the counter in front of the lunch lady. "How can I help you two?", she asked me and I looked at the Menu. At this moment I realized that it's already past twelve o'clock. "I get two hamburgers!" I shouted almost over excited. "Do you mean for you two both or for each one." Ah, yes. People think I am two child's.

"I mean, one for each of us. With fries on the side and a peach icetea.", "very well, sure if you want." she turned her back on us and I looked at the guy who brought me here. "Thanks for your help. I owe you a favor.", "don't sweat it. I'm glad to help see ya." with the last sentence he made his way through the crowd and I lost track of him.

"Here you go. Two Burgers with fries on the side and a peach icetea. Enjoy your meal.", "thank you have a nice day." I turned to the dining hall and hoped that I am able to navigate through that without dropping my food. And I even managed to found a table with just one person sitting there. "go Isuta! time to eat and make some friends." I whispered to myself.

Finally at the table after a lot of struggling to deal with to get there. I sat on the other side of the guy who already sat there. "shit I forgot the napkins."i wanted to stand up again bur I suddenly felt a soft wind blowing. I didn't know if I just imagined it but the boy on the other side just disappeared for a second.

He held a pair of napkins in his hand and gave them to me. "thank you! but, how did you do that?" His face had no expression. "that is my special. Sadly I still lack controlling it." He talked extremely fast. "Please tell me about it!"

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