Duo pt.3
Duo pt.3 fantasy stories

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Finally! A friend! He even thinks we have a similar fate. It would probably be pretty lonely without one

Duo pt.3

"What is a Special?" I asked him louder than I wanted. the people around us looked at me like I'm a pair of brats.

I technically am from their perspective. But they don't need to know the truth at the moment.

"I'm accel. That is short for 'acceleration'. And my Special is that I'm extremely fast."

"Yeah, I see that you're talking very fast already." "I actually talk extremely slow from my perspective."

"Do you mean you can talk faster?" "Technically yes but for me, everything is in super slow motion."

I tried to imagine how it has to be then everything around you is so slow that it almost stops.

That must be a pain in the ass. I can work my way around the issue of having two bodies but this?

I felt sorry for him. "And what about you?" "Hm?" I wanted to focus on eating at the moment.

it felt like I'm starving. "What your special is!" "Oh!" How do I explain this to others?

"You can actually see it right now!" "What do you mean?" "Uuuhhm, we are one person?"

It ended up sounding like a question but I didn't know if that explains it well enough.

"Wait! what?" "you can say I have one mind but two bodies. So I have to focus a lot on how and what I move."

"that sounds like you have a similar fate. You as well can't turn off your Special and it's influencing you a lot."

"You know what?" I hold my hand in his direction. "Let's be friends!"

"What!" "Yes! I don't know anyone here and you seem nice!" He grabbed my hand and shook it.

"Well then again. I'm Accel, but my real name is Peter."

"Nice to meet you! I'm Duo, but my real name is Isuta." I smiled brightly and I could see a smile on his face either.

After we finished eating we spent the rest of the Day together. He showed me the most important things like the sports ground.

With the running track, as he said, being the probably most important of them for the "Rehabilitation".

As well as there to find the vending machines and the small store where I can find everything I probably need.

As we walked through it I got stuck in the hygiene section.

I thought I'm going to need some of the women's stuff sooner or later.

Ines will definitely help me if I need her help with those things "Did you ever used those things?"

"No, not really. before this, I was a 30-year-old man and now I'm a 14-year-old pair of siblings."

Accel looked at me directly. "you definitely look like roundabout 12 or 14. Is that intentional?"

"I think so. I did definitely not want to be 30 again from the start. So I can try some more things you know?"

We then bought some drinks and made our way to my room. Accel was pretty jealous of how big it was.

We then both looked through the whole room. They actually managed to get all my belongings.

I even found my old phone.

But I looked into it later.

First, I have to defeat Accel in some of my favorite videogames.

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