Shifting Flames
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Inquisition Day- a chance for new beginnings, for teens around the Queendom of Abira to attend Inverell Academy and become famous Mancers, beings able to control the elements themselves.

Tess' dream is stolen by her twin Kiara, whose nonchalant attitude and mysterious patron that keeps providing her with trinkets drives the wedge of jealousy between them.

Shifting Flames

"You're sure?"

"Of course I am. Why would I have called you here?"

"But... there can only be one. That's what you told me. Does that mean your time is up?" The woman paused, considering the being she so highly respected before her.

"I didn't even think that was possible."

The hooded figure tilted their head in thought. The light from the candle on the table between should've easily penetrated their hood, but the shadows seemed to pool in there like water.

"Perhaps I am allowed some overlap. I am the only one able to teach them, guide them, after all. And it is my duty to do so."

The woman sitting across from them nodded sagely. "Power left unchecked could bring the world to ruin."

The hooded figure was still for a moment. "Perhaps... that is not the worst that could happen.

" But they refused to elaborate, and dismissed the woman before she could press further, and the statement continued to haunt her for weeks.

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