How To Tell If A Guy Is Using You
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doryI'm a Fish - not affiliated with Disney
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Is your boy just using you? Or does he really like you?

How To Tell If A Guy Is Using You

So you're with a guy......and you don't know if he's simply using you or if he wants something more. Here's how you find out

1. Does he spend time with you and talk to you outside of just when he wants to have sex? Does he respond to your texts? Does he text you? Does he want to hang out with you?

If he's not making time for you and not hanging out except for during the nights, then it's a good sign he's using you.

2. Does he invite you to do anything on the weekend? Hiking, sports, things OUTSIDE. If he's just taking you home or taking you to an occasional dinner to make up for things, not a good sign

3. Does he hang out or want to talk to you after you guys make love? Or does he always leave and run off or come up with an excuse?

4. Does he care about how you feel? If it's more than just about sex, he'll care about YOU.

Or....just ask him if he wants a relationship. You'll get your answer.

But in the meantime. Just keep swimming.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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STOP REWIND!!! Are the girls from your generation having sex with a guy before you even know if the guy is interested? WTF Isn't it the wrong time to analyze the relationship for its sincerity after you have been having a sexual relationship? You wrote this clearly. I hope I misunderstood. You girls are more than the sum of your parts. Well written essay!!!!