How to Keep Yo Man Like Dory Does
How to Keep Yo Man Like Dory Does stories
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dory I'm a Fish - not affiliated with Disney
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How to Keep Yo Man Like Dory Does

"How do I make sure he doesn't lose interest in me?"

I was asked this question so I'm GONNA ANSWER IT DORY STYLE

I'm gonna share with you a secret for how I keep my men

I just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Swimming. Swimming

You wanna know why? Do yah? Do yah? huh?

Cuz that's who I am!

If somebody doesn't like that, he or she can go swim on their own. A fish deserves to be with me ONLY when they respect ME. If they get bored of me, they're not for me.

However....that doesn't mean you can't be sponatenous

Surprise him! Do something fun! Go on a trip! Try something new together. Go on an adventure! It keeps the spice up!

But for now......

time for me to sleep. All this relationship-ing is tiring me out

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