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Really short story. It was one of my daily practices I did once upon. Hope you enjoy it


"Thump… Thump.", sound of axe hitting the tree he heared.

It was Marcels favourite sound. How he wished one day to wielde an axe and fell trees. He creeped closer listening closely for another thump. And then it came.

He released breath held in anticipation. A moment later he heard familiar cracking sound followed by woodsmans strong deep voice.


Goosebumps went over his skin and he laughed with joy and ran through the forest. He couldn't see the tree, but he knew it was falling deep in the forest.

Mother would be calling and he had to make sure he was there once she did. But then, another voice called. He could hear, almost like it came right from his mind.

He slowed his joyful run into a trot, than a walk, than he stood. Tall green trees all around him. He could still hear slow rhythmic, "Thump… Thump."

At that moment he felt as if something told him he'll never have to leave the forest again. His heart jumped with joy and he turned left and ran deep into forbidden parts.

His joyful laugh filled dark parts which heard no sounds but sobs and screams since they gotten their name.

Marcel ran towards red eyes and fangs as long as lions.

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