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this one's also very old. something I wrote when I was 14 and wanted to be a rapper lol. but this one hits close to home. but feel free to give constructive criticism. feel free to check out my Tumblr blog :)

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She’s crying

Didn’t do anything wrong but he says she’s lying

For her health, she’s trying

her best to stay surviving

All around the apartment, she’s running, she’s hiding

praying he won’t find her

But he’s charging up to her, his face on fire

He’s still calling her a liar

He looked on insta and saw the picture

He’s jealous

Fucked up on liquor

He’s clenching his fist harder

She’s gonna need a doctor

And there he goes

Gets her in the head, so no one knows

The punches he throws

He sits there afterward all froze

After all the blows

He comes back with a rose

He says baby I’m sorry

She thinks to herself it was my fault I suppose

She keeps him cause he’s her heroin

He speaks like a poem

To her he’s golden

She’s madly in love with him

They end up married

One night she came home at 2:30

With the girls, she went to a party

But he wouldn’t tolerate her being tardy

So he grabs her body

She’s screaming she’s sorry

The kids yelling what’s wrong mommy

She yells its okay darlings

Next thing you know

To the hospital, she goes

Broken girl

Her body froze

Getting blue and cold

She gets buried

He gets remarried

The cycle continues

The next girl becomes just a body

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