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In a world full of depression and darkness, October comes to find a dark angel who kidnapped her but really just falls in love. There are ups and downs in this small world she comes to find, but there are also beautiful creatures. Get ready for the ride of your life!

Source: JassyHarris102703 (Jasmine Harris & Domonic Summers) *BTW We are Domonic and Jasmine we are just posting on a different website*
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Chapter 1:

by JassyHarris102703 (Jasmine Harris & Domonic Summers) *BTW We are Domonic and Jasmine we are just posting on a different website*

I can't take it anymore the pain is like a blade sliding through my wrist, painful but soon you'll get used to it.

I hear my dad coming so I quickly put the blade down and cover the cuts with my hoodie..

“GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU BITCH!” My Dad yells to my mother.

My mom sits there and takes it like he's not even talking to her… I don't get how she does it. She always knew how to handle it.

My dad gets to my door and busts in screaming,

“Get the fuck up and stop being a fucking lazy bitch”

I get up and as soon as I do he strikes me down and tells me to grow up, .like normal.

Then I get up and my sleeve rolled up to reveal my bloody arm, My mom also comes in and stares at my arm with nothing to say except a small laugh.

As you can see my life pretty much sucks, I really have nothing to live for except my boyfriend and my best friends.

But other then that, I can just kill myself and no one will notice nor care, The “Popular” girls, I call them the “B-Team” Just laugh and make jokes about how I should die,

I don’t listen to them I mean I really shouldn’t, Their not going to mean shit to my life anyway.

I've been abused pretty much my whole life and not in just one way but in multiple ways, I mean you name it i've had it for example Verbal,Physical,Sexually,Mental,Emotionally.

I mean every way possible.

Everytime i try to escape it, never works and alex, my boyfriend tells me that it's going to be okay and that if I do something crazy he'll do it with me, but that's the last thing I want.

I don't want him to leave his perfect life just for me, that's just silly. My plan is to break up with him so he's not hurt when and if I move away or kill myself.

Get to know me

Well i guess i should tell you a little about myself, my name is Octavia, short for October.

My birthday is April fifth I was born in 2002 Which means if you do the math I’m Sixteen!

I live with my alcoholic weed smoking parents Sometimes i just want to overdose on pills or run away and find a new life or at least move out, but unfortunately i’m only 16 and cant leave,

Unless i call social services.

My sister is the only one of my family that actually cares for me, Which she moved to college so not much conversation with her anymore,

Especially since she has lots of studies and her phone just broke. She is the ‘’GOLDEN’’ Child, It’s like everytime she comes home my parents just switch.

When she comes home next week i'm going to ask her to take me with her, she already knows about the abuse and torture I go through.

Even though I go through all of this, I still stay strong I have to If I don’t I’d probably be dead by now.

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