How Dragons Are Made

         How Dragons Are Made rape stories
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(she will come for all of them)

How Dragons Are Made

I. go away she told them i don't need saving i don't exist for you no one ever listened.

II. they would come for her with their claws and mouth with rows of gleaming teeth and armour of righteousness

lll. she would scream for help but no one ever came she was torn to pieces left wondering why, why do they never learn to listen

IV. but no one listens to girls no one listens to pretty girls no one listens to blonde haired, blue eyed, peach pale lipped girls. no one listens to princesses.

V. but one day the shards they had left of her found glue and they glued themselves together next time someone came for her

VI. they did not listen listen listen listen! you fools they came at her with hunger in their eyes and knives in their pockets

VII. but this time she matched them fought their steel with fire fought their lust with great wings and gnashing teeth nothing could cut her scaly hide

VIII. and she tore them into pieces they way they had destroyed her she licked her lips as she did it enjoying every minute just as she deserved

IX. they didn't stand a chance against the monster they created.

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