Wild and supreme.
Wild and supreme. eroticpoetry stories

dogslinwriter1Silence is my favorite sound
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Warning: Explicit content (16+) or whatever age it is in your country.

Wild and supreme.

Warning: Explicit content (16+)

Your skin against mine

You trace my lips

My arms around your neck

You touch all the right places

My moans fill up the room

As beautiful as that sounds

Honey, that's not my style

Trembling legs,

Swear words,

I want control!

A fight for domination,

I roll you over

And take you to places you never knew existed.

You roll me over,

And make me say your name a hundred times.

We are wild and supreme,

A swaying collision,

Get what we want.


It was so difficult to fix those images. 😭 Tell me if you like this. Or if you would like more ;) Thank you for reading.

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