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dogslinwriter1Silence is my favorite sound
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I've been watching the TV show, "You" And that inspired me to write this piece.
This will sound so much better with 2cellos Oblivion, here's the link to it: https://youtu.be/D8KmjzQs...
I really appreciate everyone of you who reads my work. Thank you so much <33


I want you to be safe,

I cannot let the demons touch you.

I want you to be with me,

tied in the chain of my world.

I'll build us a castle,

so safe,

so safe, so beautiful.

I will give you everything you need.

Twist you into ropes of my affection,

curl you within me,

until you become my blood and bones.

I'll enter your heart,

and lock it from inside,

You'll be my captive,

Darling, I don't kid when I say,

Anyone who touches you will bleed.

You are everything I need,

and I am all you'll wish for.

Don't you break these walls,

These are the walls of protection,

of my devotion.

You are my captive,

my darling prisoner,

I'll love you just right.


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