You wouldn't like me.
You wouldn't like me. romance stories

dogslinwriterChaos, Peace and Poetry
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Tell me what's your favorite line, if there is one. :)

You wouldn't like me.

New broken sound,

In my mind.

Sounds of heartbreak at a distance,

But I couldn't care less.

I am okay with sleeping on my own,

I am okay by myself.

I'll survive the worst,

I always have.

New broken sound,

My ears are ringing.

Haunting screams,

Alone in here,

I cannot lose another one

in this dark forest.

If I hold too tight,

it's just me clenching on me.

I have tried to make it better,

I have wished that I could love you the way you deserve to be.

But my mind and my heart never collide.

So how do I love?

Or how do I let you go?

(I feel like you wouldn't like me out of the woods.)


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