One more selfish lover.
One more selfish lover. romance stories

dogslinwriter Chaos, Peace and Poetry
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Prompt: "Another selfish lover"
Feel free to write something on that, and tag me if you do. :)

One more selfish lover.

I sing on the beats of your chords,

We dance to the sound of butterflies,

Quiver on the music of our feelings.

I can't help but think,

What are you but another selfish lover?

You're not the oxygen in my chest,

I don't need you to breathe.

More lovers like you will come,

More lovers like you will leave.

Even though I am dancing to these beats,

And I feel this light in my soul,

I cannot let go off the dark,

I cannot put my guard down.

Because maybe it's just that we are broken,

waiting for each other to make us whole.

We are not in love,

Just dejected off the game called life.

(Funny thing is, I know it.)


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