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doanalexandracertified hopeless romantic
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you've been gone long enough for me to start writing about you

where are you?

by doanalexandra

you disappeared not too long ago.

you left quietly and without leaving a trace, as if you were just a wisp of cold air.

this isn't the first time you've been gone.

but it's different somehow. this time, it doesn't feel like you were ever here at all.

more clouds have been rolling in since then.

your warm caresses were eventually replaced by cold, sharp bites on my skin.

sometimes those clouds paint the night sky.

as if you're trying to apologize for not being here anymore. but it's never enough.

i do hope that wherever you are now,

that i'll occasionally pass through your mind like you pass through mine.

i think i'll be waiting for you forever.

but maybe i'm just waiting for something that's never going to come.

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