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dmvt02Hello! I´m Diana. PARAGUAY!
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Hi! I´m DianaV

by dmvt02

Welcome to my STORY!

My name is Diana Monserrat Vicezar Torres, I have 15 years and I am PARAGUAYAN. Yes! Paraguayan

What is Paraguay?

Paraguay, is a Latin country located in central South America. Its territory is divided politically into 17 departments and a capital district. Its capital is the city of Asuncion

The heart of South America :)

My country is known as "THE HEART OF SOUTH AMERICA" because it is in the center of the continent


The Paraguayan Constitution declares it as a multicultural and bilingual country, and established as official languages Spanish and guaraní. latter is spoken at home by 87% of its inhabitants

Reasons why I love my country

Paraguay maybe not the richest or known world country or region, but it is the place where everyone finds a kind and friendly treatment. With wonderful traditions and gastronomy of first world

Rohayhu che retâ Paraguái!

I love you my Paraguay (written in the sweet Guarani language)

My school life

I go to school "Las Mercedes" in Asuncion. I am in the first year of technical degree in computer science. I made the elementary school "Professor Emilio Ferreira" also in the city of Asuncion

Music, my passion. My great interest in art began at age 7

where I began to discover my ability to write songs and develop a great potential for theater and dance. I am currently studying singing and the couple will expand my knowledge of country music

I hope in the near future to exploit my talent

developing a career in music country pop

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dmvt02Hello! I´m Diana. PARAGUAY!
a year agoReply
@george I will soon! Thanks for comment!

dmvt02Hello! I´m Diana. PARAGUAY!
a year agoReply
@bernardtwindwil Thanks for your comment! do not imagine how much I appreciate it! I think I've found the perfect place to express my opinions and that others accept it. I can not wait to share my music with you!

a year agoReply
yess!! please share your songs!! :D welcome!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
a year agoReply
@dmvt02 I think you advocate something far more subtle than nationalism. I perceive a deep love for your native culture. Your English is perfect North American colloquial. Post some of your songs. Afterall songs are poetry set to music. You will find people who appreciate your talent on this site. I don't blame you for loving Paraguay. It is such a beautiful country.

dmvt02Hello! I´m Diana. PARAGUAY!
a year agoReply
@pluto I have written about 50 songs in English and 15 in Spanish

plutoCommabassadorPlanets man
a year agoReply
so much national pride! that's awesome! how many songs have you written?

dmvt02Hello! I´m Diana. PARAGUAY!
a year agoReply
@jordan Thanks Jordan!

dmvt02Hello! I´m Diana. PARAGUAY!
a year agoReply
@lisa Lisa thank you very much! And thanks for letting me know on slide 2!

jordanBronze Commai'm moderately cool
a year agoReply
welcome welcome!!!

lisaSilver CommaCats
a year agoReply
welcome diana!! amazing intro :) i love the images you used!!! P.S. i think an empty slide snuck in on slide 2