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dmvt02Hello! I´m Diana. PARAGUAY!
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Hi! I´m DianaV

by dmvt02

Welcome to my STORY!

My name is Diana Monserrat Vicezar Torres, I have 15 years and I am PARAGUAYAN. Yes! Paraguayan

What is Paraguay?

Paraguay, is a Latin country located in central South America. Its territory is divided politically into 17 departments and a capital district. Its capital is the city of Asuncion

The heart of South America :)

My country is known as "THE HEART OF SOUTH AMERICA" because it is in the center of the continent


The Paraguayan Constitution declares it as a multicultural and bilingual country, and established as official languages Spanish and guaraní. latter is spoken at home by 87% of its inhabitants

Reasons why I love my country

Paraguay maybe not the richest or known world country or region, but it is the place where everyone finds a kind and friendly treatment. With wonderful traditions and gastronomy of first world

Rohayhu che retâ Paraguái!

I love you my Paraguay (written in the sweet Guarani language)

My school life

I go to school "Las Mercedes" in Asuncion. I am in the first year of technical degree in computer science. I made the elementary school "Professor Emilio Ferreira" also in the city of Asuncion

Music, my passion. My great interest in art began at age 7

where I began to discover my ability to write songs and develop a great potential for theater and dance. I am currently studying singing and the couple will expand my knowledge of country music

I hope in the near future to exploit my talent

developing a career in music country pop

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