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dlichnoomPoems are my thing
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just another poem#12


I look for you in the eyes of another

Looking for what I can't find makes me shutter

I want you cause he'll never be the same

But you up and left and your to blame

You fucked up the way I love

My heart is cold with a kick and a shove

Now I'm left pretending

With pain never ending

I try to be okay

A happy face always on display

My insides feel empty and hollow

Guess you took them? Or did you not ask to borrow?

Didn't last long because I can tell your empty too

Guess your time will come through

When you realize I was the only one who actually understood you

Who selflessly cared about you even when it was detrimental to me

I put everything on the line to be who you wanted me to be,

I changed my whole life

When you left I didn't know who I was and it caused me strife

I had to fix what you changed

To stop doing things almost like I was trained

Force of habit

You can take the credit.

I'll never be able to find all the pieces you shattered me into.

What the hell am I supposed to do?

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