My Tears
My Tears world record poetry stories
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To the world, I am a soiled canvas .The work of an artist gone wrong

My Tears

Sometimes I want to cry I want to let my tears form a river

I want to let my tears form a river

An ocean

A hurricane

They are my only weapon.

I want to cry for the people who are lost

For the people who are stranded in the depth of a desert

The cruel waves of heat banishing them to silence

I wish my tears could soothe their dry eyes

But what can I do when I have no voice

When my voice is lighter than air

When I scream till my throat is inflamed

But my voice is restrained

I sit in a world where I have no place

Where the deep shades of brown that paint my skin, defines me

To the world, I am a soiled canvas

The work of an artist gone wrong

I am abstract art





I am abstract art

Open for interpretation

My own opinion.

My tears are not my weakness

They are my strength

You choose to enclose yourself in what you believe to be warmth

You choose to believe that ignorance is indeed bliss

Bliss indeed

Ignorance is bliss

For those who do not have to wear the constance weight of fear on their shoulder.

A second layer of skin

Ignorance is Bliss

For those who wake up on dry land

Unaffected by raging waters

Ignorance is bliss

For those who are considered natives

When really we are immigrants,

All of us

We are immigrants from birth

leaving the safety of our mother’s womb

For a dangerous world

Sometimes I want to cry

No longer can I bear to watch as we become less than human

Until we are just a loose article

No longer a we

No longer a you

No longer an I

Who are you to say we don’t belong in this world

What gives you the right to punish us

For a crime we never committed

Punish us like you caught our hand in the cookie jar

When the lid was firmly shut

Sometimes I wish I could cry for you

So that my tears seep into the barren soil you stand on

Creating a garden

Maybe the change in scenery will help

I cry for you

Each tear a prayer

That this horrible nightmares is never a reality for you

Because if I do not cry

I fume

My tears evaporate till I am nothing but steam

Till I am an empty kettle

Filled with nothing but an empty whistle

Till I am you

So I cry

I cry for all people

Each teardrop a saccharine word of rejoice

I cry till I create a rainbow

Till I see color in the sky again.

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