Darkness Prevents
Darkness Prevents darklife stories

divyanadasWriting parts of me that I'll share.
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A story that has taken me through a journey like every story I have written or read. I live and breath through these words.

Darkness Prevents

by divyanadas

I like the dark, it makes me feel safe and makes me feel as though nothing can touch me.

But then I feel lonely and cold.

Suddenly something touches me and I feel scared. I wonder what creature has taken hold of me. I almost scream.

Then I realize its nothing but light, gently exposing every inch of my skin.

At first I am scared. I hold my breath.

I feel like running away but then I start feeling this warmth which kind pf makes me feel giddy. I like it because I don't feel so lonely anymore.

I know I am vulnerable now that everybody can see what I am now that every inch of me has been exposed. It is standing in front of every body raw and naked.

But they don't know that this light does the same to them. It exposes them as well.

Surprisingly, I feel safer now then I did in the dark. There is nothing to hide. I feel free as a bird and I know if I spread my arms now, I'll be able to take off just like a bird.

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