When The World Calls
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dissonanceAnd everything in you is a dream
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The World/ wərld/ noun: The world will one day ask what you have done, and you'll be asked to sit down and show the world what sincerely matter.

When The World Calls

When the world calls you and asks you, "what have you done with your one life so far?"

Reply, "you've loved with your whole heart and forgave yourself for all sorts of relationships that never worked."

Say, "you breathed and bathed in forgiveness on days that nothing seemed to be working out."

Tell them, "you held memories deep in your mind and heart, savoring moments with loved ones."

Yell, "you learned from the mistakes and accepted failure. You succeeded in being a flawed rich human and accepted the idea, that it is healthy to have faults and grow from each and every moment."

When the world asks you to show your resume of accomplishments and success.

You show the world the healthy relationships you worked so diligently on.

You show the world your gentle heart that you kept safe from hardening and becoming cruel.

You show the world not your awards, but the moments in life where your heart was at peace with itself.

Show the world how you took care of yourself and loved every extra inch.

Beacuse you know the value of your happiness, better than anyone could.

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