We are humans in need of love.
We are humans in need of love. humans stories
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dissonanceAnd everything in you is a dream
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We're humans, in constant need of love. And I don't thing it's a bad thing as long as we don't abuse the love we recive.

We are humans in need of love.

by dissonance

We all want to be noticed

Whether we like to admit it or not,

but we humans constantly need the comfort

of reminding ourselves that we exist.

That's why we fall in love,

why we write sonnets and songs,

why we paint and draw,

why we explore and create,

why we are constantly trying to find ways to save lives

and live longer.

We are afraid of being forgotten

and losing our existence even after death.

We want,

we need to be noticed and remembered.

And if a day goes by without someone praising us

or asking how we are, we feel unloved

and think of ourselves to be simply nothing.

We are and we will always be in need of a reminder

that we exist at this very moment

and that we will always be remembered.

So we leave fossils of our existences behind.

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