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dissonance everything in you is a lost dream
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I am up-side-down, can't nevigate myself to sanity.

Up -Side-Down

by dissonance

The more I looked out the window, the more I realized just how far away I was from reality.

I have been mentally in isolation for so long that I lost my sense of realisticness.

I became a dreamer high on illusion

Ignoring the world's cruel call to wake up

I have become mute and crippled, unable to understand how the human mind works sometimes.

Normal understanding of how the world works has become something I have to encrypt.

The way I looked at the world is unhealthy and not mentally stable

I have become weak and afraid of the time needed for me to change and grow.

Stubbornly and afraid, I stand in place and my mind swirls and splits into two.

Contradicts itself in need of finding an end, a healthy conclusion on what I should do?

I was born with an obstacle called, "myself."

Split into two and need to find a solution

Time and effort to overcome my fear and stubbornness, all in order to grow

And I wish I didn't have to do this alone because I don't know where to begin

To take someone with me inside my mind and help me see where the lines begin and put an end

But reality claims I must do this alone

And I wonder if reality will show up and pay its respects at my funeral ?

I am up-side-down, can't navigate myself to sanity.

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