Unscented Flowers
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dissonance everything in you is a lost dream
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All my life, there was a certain comfort that came with being alone. Not until the end, did I finally understand it.

Unscented Flowers

And these thoughts swirl on needlessly. My heart beats alone, a different pattern each day.

Time stops in moments uncalled for and I'm left to suffer unnoticed. I'm ripped out from the sockets of my eyes while my body's left behind.

Do I apologize for this or ask you to be patient with a very fragile human?

My sensitivity does nothing but get me hurt more than necessary.

My nervousness rips off my fake nails, my teeth bites and nibbles at my lips till I taste soft droplets of blood.

Do I tell you more of my mess, or hid it. You'll find some other women to love and hold at night.

I wondered for so long why my own company brings such comfort.

It’s because deep down I always knew how things would end.

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