To My Distant Lover
 To My Distant Lover  romance stories

dissonanceAnd everything in you is a dream
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Lover/ ˈləvər/ noun: A person that you come to unconditionally love no matter the distance.

"This is to my best friend, to my lover that's too far away. I will always cherish our love."

To My Distant Lover

I am miles and oceans away

Yet, some nights I can still feel your hand lingering on me

My sleepless body continues to get confused

Some nights it wonders where your warm safe hands went?

Some nights it wonders how you got here beside me so fast?

Your body and mine are as far away as my mind and sanity

It’s quite a comedy show,

How the Universe made us fall in such a deep killing love

Yet, ripped us away

Amusing itself with how we fight to stay close

Our love plays a different game

Fighting and loving from far away

But I wouldn’t have it any other way

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