The Wasted Past and Fruitless Future
The Wasted Past and Fruitless Future  teens stories
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dissonanceAnd everything in you is a dream
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Late night thoughts.

The Wasted Past and Fruitless Future

by dissonance

Instead of racing with my classmates and childhood friends, I naively raced for the adult life

Instead of taking naps and long nightly dreams, I yelled and screamed for the adult curfew

All in the hopes of growing up.

All of my free childhood time wasted on the fruitless future

And now I waste my tightly packed time daydreaming of freedom.

I drown my body in caffeine so I could keep up with the adult life

And filled my mind with books and words, in hopes of not failing another worthless examination

The crippling fear tips my mind and I lose my adult reasoning

Lies and deception were the beginning, artificial promises, and vacant dreams were the end .

Oh, what I would do to just be a child again

To forget my worries and fears and sleep in my mother's sheltered bed.

To have her stroke my hair and embrace me closely, while I innocently sleep and foolishly dream.

To trade my worldly knowledge for a game of hide and seek

To take my wasted childhood back and forget the adult dream

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