Soul Symptoms
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dissonance everything in you is a lost dream
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Soul Symptoms: An awakening of the immortal self. A state of peace and wonder.

Soul Symptoms

Soul Symptoms

The following physical, mental or emotional symptoms indicate a high level of consciousness of self and of Cosmos.

 A high intensity of feeling empathy towards the people around you.

 A delightful feeling of compassion and happiness.

 Finding oneself feeling the urge to shout from the bottom of your lungs and jump into a fit of giggles.

 An appreciation towards strangers that cross your path, embracing a warm smile wherever you find yourself

 A unique essence of self

 A sense of wonder of the universe. Awakening to find the Cosmos swirling in your irises. This can be frightening but unconditionally beautiful once embraced.

 Γ©lan vital, a desire of life

 An overwhelming amount of emotions. Having the ability to make your heart vulnerable and soft.

 Crying uncontrollably to the smallest of things because damn being human is hard sometimes.

 An inward nature of self. The only immortal part of you.

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