Sleepless Thoughts and Worries
Sleepless Thoughts and Worries human stories
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dissonanceAnd everything in you is a dream
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Just some of my many inconstant sleepless thoughts.

Sleepless Thoughts and Worries

by dissonance

I wonder if people in love would rather lose their sanity before they lose their partner? Is this partner worth it?

I have written the same things over and over, I have grown wary of my own thoughts.

I love him but at what coast?

How beautiful the world must look through his eyes.

My failures don't limit how much love I should receive.

Why do words and thoughts lose their meaning and sense of value when they are spoken or read to another human?

None of this makes sense but since when did anything make sense to the screaming creatures?

Who would have ever thought your end was mine?

I don't get it? Am I that hard to love? Is my sadness that visible that you all fear away from my love?

I am praying to god that by some miracle I am not as hopeless as I claim to be.

How does one begin to come back to reality?

Sigh... such a tragedy when the only person you must overcome is yourself.

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