Shadows within My Skin
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dissonance everything in you is a lost dream
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Some may say that with time things get better, but that is a lie. With times things only get worse but you learn how to lie to yourself.

Shadows within My Skin

I woke up trembling from my dream or more so a nightmare, while the last lingering words that I heard were echoing in the dark;

" If you stop hoping, you'll be happy."

I woke up shaking from my dream only to be suffocated by the darkness in my mind.

A coarse dry hand stroked my sweaty hair away from my temple. Leaning in intoxicatingly slow, “it’s best if you stop fighting. There isn’t much you could do. Everyone already knows you’re a glitch.”

Jolting out of my bed, and shaking profoundly, it’s not true, it’ll all be fine.

The suffocating presence slipped back into the shadow laying on the cold wooden floors.

And I remained sitting in a cold abandoned bed, wondering, where do I belong?

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