Railroads and Rundown Dreams
Railroads and Rundown Dreams reality stories

dissonance everything in you is a lost dream
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Morbid/ ˈmôrbəd/ adjective: A state of being in love with death, slowly sinking, waiting for the end.

Railroads and Rundown Dreams

Her hair was anything but tame, black wire hair all over the place

She dabbed her fingernails in coconut oil, while her head rests back against the maroon leather couch

A sour eye, her mother loathed that stupid couch

In the middle of winter, she had her heater on, while her washed-out white currents swayed along with the winter breeze

Snowflakes drifting inside, quickly turning into puddles of water

Her sluggish red eyes watched her stained papers scatter around with the wind

Nothing to light the studio but the luminance of the night sky

Thoughts swirling inside her Vodka and Coke

Her phone long gone, thrown out of the five-story window

Her raspy voice, every now and then, would sing along with, Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

She felt morbid at heart

And nothing could stop the heavy wish to burn this place down

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