Potatoes on the Hunt for Acceptance
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Acceptance/ əkˈseptəns/ noun: To accept all of life's hardships, a self satisfaction that gives strength to go through life as it is.

Potatoes on the Hunt for Acceptance

Little Sabastian, no more than 8 years old. He was a bit different, a bit fuller around the edges. He was a sweet potato while the rest were potatoes.

Life was not so kind to his difference. He didn’t like short shirts, always preferred longer one that covered his thighs.

He always picked naps over silly games. He rather a lot of things that were different than the rest of the kids.

Never liked blending in, he was the kid to wear bright obnoxious colors in winter. Miss matching socks because that one was soft and this one was cute.

He was a sweet potato with a heart full of optimism. Always dreamt of being a hero, a savior of humanity. Had this silly smile every time he made babies or old people laugh.

Sebastian always believed there was something greater for him, something out there with a greater value. But no one saw his potential. So, when he grew up, he hid his hope well within his soul.

Protected it from the harshness of the world. And when life got just too hard some nights, he would find himself walking with the faint glow of the moon.

A late Octobers night, he came across a rare kind-hearted human. And when all seemed lost and hopeless, life sent him a perfectly round potato with a sweetheart.

Emma, Sabastian’s saving grass.

She taught him the ways of living through life with who he is. “Acceptances is key,” she told him, “accept every corner of your heart and mind, then you’ll start living life just the way it is.

With all its hardships and happiness, you’ll make it through with your hope still alive.”

Turns out Sabastian was right. He indeed had something out there with a great value and importance.

Sabastian has a family now that loves him for who he is. A sweet potato he promised to cherish and love, like how she once cherished him.

His own children with the same bright growing hope he once had.

Sabastian had the great privilege of finally accepting himself just the way he is.

Regardless, of how hard life can be, he kept on moving forward and held his hope up high.

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