Panic Attacks. No.1
Panic Attacks. No.1 fear stories

dissonance everything in you is a lost dream
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Panic attacks in public are petrifying.

Panic Attacks. No.1

by dissonance

Mother wait. Hold me, I can't stand

I can't breathe.

Hold on, just give me a minute. I'll soon be able to hide it and function like you.

WAIT. My mind is too heavy and dizzy, I can't see.

Heart stay strong. . . Lungs don't you dare stop breathing now, you take in that breath of air!

It's too much....

Stop the car, one minute please. I can't breath.

Tears please don't slip out now, I've held you in for far too long.

Mom wait, I just need a minute. I can do this.

Yes I can. Come on body, stop with all of this heaviness and shakiness

It's all in your head. It's all in there. . . .

Hold on, is it too hot in here or is it just me? I'm sweating pools, it can't just be me..?

Just let me hold my arms down, they're shaking too much.

That's wired..what is happening to me?

Am I dying? No that can't be. . .

Hold on just give me a minute I can do this.

World hold on, just stop the car for a minute

I can't breathe. Don't you understand, just wait!

Please just hold on, let me hide it. I can function like you.

I can pretend, just give me a minute.

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