"Oh, 6:30 PM"
"Oh, 6:30 PM"  human stories

dissonance everything in you is a lost dream
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I wonder how many of us understand the nature and triggers to our demons?

"Oh, 6:30 PM"

by dissonance

6: 30, the sun settling in unfavorably early. The moon taking its luxuries time before filling the city with its faint glow.

The in-between is a black ocean I don’t hesitate to dive right in. Dizzy and lost such an addictive feeling.

Just between the sun fully sitting and the moon slowly rising, a quick “how do you do” before parting.

It’s a shame for moments like this not to be shared with another. Such a darkness should no human bare alone.

Some say it’s destructive, some say it’s beauty. A trigger to fruit-filled memories. A trigger to every sorrowful memory and agony.

To each with one’s demons.

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