I Think I'll Thank the Universe
 I Think I'll Thank the Universe  human stories

dissonanceAnd everything in you is a dream
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Alone/ əˈlōn. - Life/ līf/ - Comfort/ ˈkəmfərt / - All along, my soul was simply afraid.

I Think I'll Thank the Universe

Regardless of this life

Regardless of the pain and the wish to leave

I don’t mind living, but as long as I live alone.

There have been many days spent screaming at the world and asking to save me

The world to save me, such arrogance. I question myself, constantly, who am I?

But after sorrow and pain, after I dry my own tears

I remember why I am alone.

I would unintentionally destroy any soul

I would bring sorrow and pain to everyone that comes too close

So, I would rather be alone until the end

Than to live a life where I hurt someone

I would choose death than a life where I unintentionally destroy someone else’s soul.

So, some days I scream at the Universe

Some days, I thank the universe.

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