Here I am, all raw and ugly.
Here I am, all raw and ugly.  human stories

dissonanceAnd everything in you is a dream
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Here I am, all raw and ugly.

We talked about this darling, I’m a monster

And what do monsters know about the feeling of love

Empty, pretending to be human

You choose to be with me and spoke words of love

So here it is.

All raw and ugly

I’m not as lovable as you thought I would be

Darling, on days when I am as lost and confused as the sea

You hold me down and tell me that your sensitive and I didn’t treat you right today

Darling, why can’t you see me

Darling, "I’m tired," I said

You laughed and said, "I say that every day"

Darling, today I told you it was hard getting out of bed

You laughed, "you say that all the time"

Darling, don’t you have off days?

You laughed, "your days are all off days"

Darling, you know you can leave, right?

But I don’t want to leave


Because I’m already in this

Then I’ll leave

You laughed, "Your mother said you’re being irrational."

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