Desolation is Only One Perception
Desolation is Only One Perception perception stories

dissonance everything in you is a lost dream
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Desolation/ˌdesəˈlāSH(ə)n/ noun- As you allow the perception of loneliness and sadness to haze your mind, desolation takes over.

Desolation is Only One Perception

I want to remind you, through it all, you are simply not alone.

There may not always be someone to hold your hand or guide you through your haziness.

Yet, you are not isolated from the rest of us.

You, along with the world, tend to separate your sadness from everything else. Unfairly assuming that your sadness is uniquely different.

[Another individual cannot simply even begin to understand my distress.] Yet, you are mistaken.

Then, before you begin to read that poem you surprisingly found a piece of yourself in.

Before you continue writing, pouring all your bolt up emotions, I want to remind you that with everything going on, you are not alone.

What you may feel, is not anything unique to this ancient world. For billions before us have lived and died; have felt our very own emotions.

There are 7.6 billion individuals out there. What good comes out of you living a lonely world within yourself.

You do not stand alone in your pain and misery.

I refuse to believe that I am alone. Neither should you.

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