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dissonanceAnd everything in you is a dream
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➖ “One little whisper in your ear and the words tumble through your head like you’re the one who thought them first. Hear them enough and pretty soon they’re etched on the surface of your heart.”
― Kimberly McCreight, The Outliers

Cream colored Madness ➖

Today's weather was that of a surreal warmness seen in old vintage 1983’s movie. The type of weather where you would find sleepy teenagers relaxing by crystal blue local swimming pools.

Young couples lazily sitting at the end of the bus, under the weak rundown air conditioner. Heads lulled against one another, uncomfortably sweaty hands laced together.

The leaves of plants and trees looked too soft and spent under the heat, the buzzing bees flying no more than 10feet and resting. The world had no strength under this hummed weather.

Voices speaking in retired whispers with no energy.

Toddlers, covered in sunscreen and hats tied against their head, eating watermelon and strawberries on the family house porch.

College students packing containers full of cheap booze, chips, and all sorts of gas station food; while others dress in bright orange vests with neon yellow strips planting flowers and mowing the lawn of some local park.

The local Denny’s was full of mothers too tired and spent to cook with their surprisingly calm children eating their breakfast for lunch.

The air covered with the soft pillowy texture of pollen; birds spending more time jumping in the water of the leaking fountain then flying within the trees.

It was the type of weather you would find a young girl, no more than 24, laying in her bed with large headphones softly adding to the serenity of the day.

Golden brown hair softly spread across everywhere, the windows curtains playing with the soft summer draft. It was the sort of weather where nothing, but happiness was expected.

As if the sunrise has cleared any trace of yesterdays events. The dewy mist of the morning cleansing all the shed tears of last night.

It was the sort of weather that for once, humans held their tongue and enjoyed.

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