Unfaithfully Yours.
Unfaithfully Yours. twist stories

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Careful who you give your heart to...

Unfaithfully Yours.

She stirred the soup with a wicked smile, about to do something sinister and vile. The soup bubbled hot and warm, and the weather outside brewed a wicked storm.

She was dressed all in red to match her lips, one hand on the spoon another on her hips. Her unaware husband awaited in his room, listening to the radio play a romantic tune.

He was late coming home just as usual, feeding her another oblivious lie as if she were delusional.

But she was no fool like her husband seemed to think, there was lipstick on his shirt and she never wore that shade of pink.

She herself was a lady of red, a lady a lot of people would say was sick in the head.

This was not her first husband and this wouldn’t be her first kill, but once you’ve done something a few times it becomes a skill.

The soup had come to a boil and she set it on the table, the woman smiled again proving she was mentally unstable.

She unbottled the poison and dumped it in the pot to show her husband that he had been caught.

She couldn’t understand why her husband would cheat, but maybe he would learn a lesson after the soup he was about to eat.

She cackled at the thought of him croaking in his sleep, and fantasized about throwing his limp body in the creek.

The woman brought him his fatal meal, poisoned soup, and veal.

She watched her selfish husband swallow it quick and immediately he began to feel sick. She told him she knew he was an unfaithful ass, and that he deserved all he was getting at last.

His confused eyes rolled back in his head, confirming that he was finally dead. She hugged his corpse and kissed his forehead, then began to drag his body off the bed.

Her smile was from cheek to cheek as she dragged his heavy body down to the creek. She gently placed his body on the ground making sure to be silent and not make a sound.

If the neighbours were to see she would be in trouble, but she had to make sure he was dead so she wacked him with a shovel.

Then she pushed his body into the river, without a grimace or even a small shiver.

The only problem was her husband had never been seeing another lady, she was just simply insane and crazy.

She then walked away and back to her home where she would spend the rest of her days alone. That is until she finds another husband to kill, she always does and she always will.

So be careful who you give your heart to, it may just be her and her next victim could be you.

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