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It's Era 823, two years after the Fifth Universal War. It's a time of bringing about reconstruction and order back to the universe. Except difficulties have arise in gaining progress...

Let's make this brief: The name's Henry... Henry Koggit.

I am a 25-year-old Caucasian Earthling. Oh, and I should add I'm human as well, to not throw you off. The term Earthling now categorizes a broad number of creatures on my world.

It's been this way since forever, way before I was conceived.

Interesting right? Well, I still got something to gloat about! Do you know what a Combatant is? You don't? Ugh, I guess I need to waste more time explaining things to you...

I'm in a boring meeting anyways, so I'll tell you.

I'll make this short and to the point. We, Combatants, are pretty much superheroes—like those guys in the comics or movies who can shoot laser beams from their eyes and fly. Shoot.

We can do that stuff and more!

Entertained yet?

Now, let's get to the good part.

I have been a Combatant for eight years, an Officer rank in this organization, and fought against supervillains and monsters with abilities above anything you can imagine.

Sometimes I'm unable to process their damn abilities.

However, unlike those tales where a superhero can get away with leaving their nemesis alive, we can't afford to do that. It's either kill or have them bite us in the ass later on down the road.

Our enemies will kill. Their numbers are large; most of the time in skirmishes, they outnumber us. All we have going for us is our quality, each "man" is at least a thousand men strong.

Yes, a thousand, not a hundred, and that's not a comparison towards normal human soldiers. Combatants are the elite of the elite. We are comprised of so many species as well.

So, that means there's a disparity amongst us in strength and abilities which makes it hard to scale our true might.

Damn, did I talk too much? My bad.

Now the sucky part about my career.

Exactly two years ago, on Era 821, a war reaching as far as the entire universe, had just ended. We call it the Fifth Universal War, or the official name, "the UWV"—Universal War Five.

It all started with the pettiness of a group known as the Dark Liberation. Their actions led to many impoverished, barbaric, and war-like species joining their cause.

They were capable of doing this by spouting bullshit and their leader was charismatic as fuck.

An unbelievable dude—I got chills down my spine while listening to him during his times as a politician.

Anyways, after getting their numbers up, the Dark Liberation secretly developed and armed more of their horrendous technology to these people.

By the time the first attack occurred, it was already too late as they had become too powerful to fend off.

The normal military forces who battled together–the Universal Federation and the empire - got their asses handed and the war began looking bleak for them.

A little longer and the Grand Allies would have been vanquished by the Dark Alliance.

The Dark Alliance had no shame in killing off civilians they reached after getting the Grand forces to retreat. Resulting in more deaths of civilians than the number of soldiers.

These high numbers were racked up as planets got blown up if the people on it did not submit to make an example out of them.

Experiments, to improve their tech and soldiers, were placed on people who became submissive... these bastards got a kick out of tormenting everyone...

It was so bad that a guy like me appreciates that the battles were taking place so far from Earth that we did not need to join the war until later on.

A difference was needed, and leaders of the Combatants made a proposal with the officials in the Universal Federation.

The codes that made it difficult for the Combatants to fight in the war were altered.

Everything changed after all the Combatants joined the fray. Almost four generations of Combatants partook in this battle and with it ending with mine.

After being given leadership roles, the Combatants pierced through the Dark Alliances forces like a hot knife on butter!

Their ships couldn't handle a single man, their strongest warriors were knocked around by our average fighters, and our best and talented warriors destroyed entire armies and fleets. All. By. Themselves!

Nothing like this was seen before! A few more victories and the war would end briefly!

That's what it seemed like then, until they brought in those monsters to assist them. My comrades lost their lives... my brother died as a hero, making a massive contribution to the effort.

The war shifted to us fighting on equal footing. No matter how much we tugged on the rope, neither of us budged.

Years went by, I fought hard for survival and after so many tragedies, we finally won this horrendous war. It's bullshit though... the leader was slain by one of his allies...

a great thing, but an unexpected death. Because of it, the Dark Alliance crumbled shortly after.

Now it's Era 823. Currently, my team and I are tracking down the last of these bastards.

They're still causing trouble and we can't afford the chance of them regaining power to cause another atrocity. The Dark Liberation will sow what they reap.

For this reason, the mission–codenamed Combatant Dawn–has been executed.

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