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the story of a boy and his kingdom


by dinushka

he was born in the west, two rivers defining his home

the cold chain of the swings the most familiar feeling to his fingers

he lived a life of peace and joy

wake up, go to school, hit the courts, come home, eat with his mum, sleep and repeat

or at least, that was his life until the darkness came.

his once peaceful neighbourhood was plagued with ruffians - the swings left abandoned as children hid in fear

but he was a noble boy and wouldn't let his kingdom fall

and so he defended it as best as he could. but alas, his best wasn't enough.

in fear of his safety, his mother sent him away.

he sat in the taxi watching the home he loved go by, anticipating what was to come as two fluffy dice swung in the mirror.

around 7 or 8, he stood on the threshold of his new life.

he surveyed his new kingdom and knew he was finally there.

to sit on his throne as the fresh prince of bel-air

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