How startups SHOULD do Instagram
How startups SHOULD do Instagram stories

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You don't want to be the startup with the ugly insta 🙅

Time-Saving/Headache Relieving Management Tools:

UNUM - Photo Planner for Instagram (Free: )
VSCO cam (Free: )
Iconsquare (Free: )
Repost (Free/Pay:
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How startups SHOULD do Instagram

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Ask a very simple question?

What story do you want to tell? You need to know the style and image you want to portray as a company.

Then find people and pictures and save them somewhere

You are who you hang out with, remember that old saying? So make sure you "hang" out with the people that represent you the best!

Let management tools work for you!!

There are plenty of great tool out there that save you soo much time, use them!! UNUM - Photo vsco cam iconsquare & more

Now you have more time to do what really matters

Blue steel

Tips on what's really HAWT right now

Fades Single color schemes Lose the hashtags Tagging Creating a theme within your Instagram feed

You have your story. Now it's time to show the journey.

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