Can we go back?
Can we go back? stories

dikshanarypouring reality into fiction
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Can we go back?

by dikshanary

Someday....take me back to the place where you pulled my cheeks and teased me to bits.

The place where they hung lil tokens of love. The place which blushed at our carefree laughter.

Where fairy lights did more than just light up dark corners; they lit up dark hearts.

The place which witnessed more secrets spilled to best friends than there were in the novels tucked in its shelves. The place that shipped best friends and married couples.

Will you take me back to the place where pictures flowed from ceilings and aroma of love from coffee cups?

The place which juxtaposed our two worlds in its cozy little table.

Can we go back once again? This time I promise to laugh a little less if you spill your pasta sauce again. ;)

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