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Some things get stronger because they are tested

Interviews are about relationships

Start off with a fun conversation

Start recording right away. And then use time to put people at ease. Let them do the talking. Always let them have the last word. LOVE

Understand a person's needs

This story is a myth but illustrates the point

Descriptive writing tip

If it makes you feel like Walt Whitman inside you are probably being too self-conscious and that comes across in the writing. Aka, it’s crap.

Be specific

Don’t go into detail about the “blue sky” and the “white clouds.” Readers know what color the sky is, so don’t describe it for them. It’s the oddities that paint a scene.

Be economical

Don’t let the reader know you are being descriptive, it should sneak its way in.

3. Make them do something

Use descriptions that move the story forward. Don’t just list things, make sure they are descriptions that help tell the story.

Prove you were there

Careful description makes a scene more believable for readers. They know the reporter was on the scene.

Show me what you told me

If you write something vague go into the details that show the reader what you mean. Don’t expect them to understand abstract thoughts.

Body language

Learn to read: Set the interviewer at ease. Look for self-soothing behavior Mirror them.

How do we lower violent crime in Los Aneles?

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