Midsummer's Sinking Ship
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died_and_diedContemplative poetry from a nobody.
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In our lives, we may find ourselves on a parallel path with another being. The paths will cross if we let them. It may be a collision course. We can see the calamity ahead of us, but the vale of emotion can keep it ever on the periphery of our cognisance. We allow this because we want to be happy - as all people do. We allow blissful ignorance to to wrap us in tender linen. This is a poem about that painful happiness.

Midsummer's Sinking Ship

Strolling south on a midsummer’s sinking ship,

Baying wisps bade me to the bow and pushed me overboard into the bay,

And there I lay,

White waters taking me,

Spirits baring their scars for me in farewell.

The ocean’s deep applauds,

Sending the sand flies to strip me to the sinew.

My cold flesh is put to bed,

Serving a merry feast for sharks.

I smile on them.

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