Brimstone Embrace
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died_and_died Contemplative poetry from a nobody.
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We can be fatally prone to extremes. In our obsession with pursuing affection, we are in danger of pursuing obsession itself. When obsession sets us alight, we may let it burn us to cinders, not because we cherish affection, but because we are so desperately afraid of being left cold without it. This poem is about that experience.

Brimstone Embrace

Show me your box of brimstone keepsakes,

Shower me with sulphur and soot.

Throw me between your fireplace’s gates,

Bar them and keep them shut.

I’ve been dreaming of acidic gasses,

After nightmares of freezing to death.

So please suffocate me in your ashes,

And blow on my smouldering 'till you run out of breath.

The sounds from the street are chilling me,

All I want is to blister and swell.

I’ll chase your warmth wherever flight takes you,

If it takes me to the bottom of Hell.

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