You Saw Me When I Was Invisible: Chapter 2
You Saw Me When I Was Invisible: Chapter 2 lovestory stories
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You Saw Me When I Was Invisible: CHAPTER 2

Zanna Purgeth is the most unpopular girl in school. No one really knows much about her, and when she gets into an accident that leaves her in a coma. She finds herself outside her body in ghost form. What happens when Blayze Terran, the most popular guy in school, is the only one who can see her?

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You Saw Me When I Was Invisible: Chapter 2

by dgandreid

After lunch, my classes went by swiftly and school was let

out. My last hour had been choir.

Mr Redd, the choir teacher, had stopped me after class.

Mr Redd came over and handed me some sheets of music stapled together. "Mr Richards and I think you should sing On My Own at the Les Misérables Highlights Festival."

The school band would be performing the highlights of Les Misérables around November, and I'd audition for On My Own. I'd read the book and seen every film adaptation of the book/musical.

Taking the sheet music, I instantly felt this indescribable excitement wavering through my bones. I thought I hadn't gotten the part. Mitchie Lux, had kept bragging in chemistry,

about getting the solo to "On My Own". But then that meant, it hadn't been true all along. Mitchie Lux was a certified compulsive liar anyway. She lied about everything from who she was dating to

who she'd hooked up with last weekend. Ha, I thought, I really did get the part. I knew I could do it. Our school's band was great, and I considered myself a great singer.

I wouldn't disappoint. I smiled at Mr Redd, and gladly thanked him. Now that I was running late to the bus, I prayed to God I'd get there just in time.

Mr Ray, the bus driver, was pretty considerate when it came to waiting on you, but I didn't know if he'd still be waiting on me. So much time had passed, and he could only wait for so long.

However I'd been too late. I knew it. I stopped running as I realized there was no buses to be seen. All of them. Gone. I just knew I wouldn't have been able make it in time.

I stopped running as I realized there was no buses to be

seen. All of them. Gone. I just knew I wouldn't have been able make it in time.

Noted, I could feel my heart beating fast from all the running, and before I could even think of what to do next, I sat down on a nearby bench close to the school's entrance, and waited 'til I

caught my breath.

CRAP, I thought.

My mom was working late, plus it didn't help that she worked an hour away from here. That meant, she wouldn't be able to pick me up without having to get off early,

and we couldn't even afford that. By the time my mom would be able to come and pick me up, school would be closed and vacant.

I also didn't want her to be mad at me for missing the bus, and I didn't want her getting off early because of me. I wanted to save myself from a tongue lashing.

I couldn't think of anyone else who could come and pick me up. The reason was, I didn't have anyone else. Sure there was my older sister Tish who lived all the way in Chicago

with her boyfriend Keith. But really, it was just me and mom.

I didn't live far from the school—I didn't live close either. I'd have to cross two freeways, before I'd successfully make it home. And I hated doing that.

I hated having to push that stupid button just to cross over to the other side. However, if I wanted to get home, I'd have to do it.

See, I knew I could be a big girl. I was getting closer to my neighborhood. I was just a street away from it.

Now at the second traffic light, I stopped walking. There weren't any cars at the moment which surprised me.

I looked both ways, making sure I wasn't just dreaming. There weren't any cars coming from either direction, and I wouldn't have to push the button. Yay!

Quickly making my way across the vacant street, the last thing I remember was a swerving pickup truck heading my way.

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