You Saw Me When I Was Invisible: Chapter 1
You Saw Me When I Was Invisible: Chapter 1 short-story stories

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You Saw Me When I Was Invisible: CHAPTER 1


Zanna Purgeth is the most unpopular girl in school. No one really knows much about her, and when she gets into an accident that leaves her in a coma. She finds herself outside her body in ghost form.What happens when Blayze Terran, the most popular guy in school, is the only one who can see her?


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You Saw Me When I Was Invisible: Chapter 1

by dgandreid

Zanna's P.O.V

My day had been like any normal day.

- get out of bed - get dressed for school - brush teeth - wait for the school bus

I hated school.

School was the constant reminder that I wasn't going to fit-in anywhere in life. It didn't help that I didn't fit-in with any crowd.

The jocks thought I was a fishwife (a shrew)

because I didn't say much, and perhaps I suffered from the resting bitch-face syndrome.

Not that I meant to give off that face.

I just had one of those faces. Then because of that, the popular girls didn't look at me much as a girl's girl,

plus the weird/scene/emo crowd had this notion that I thought I was better than everyone else—which wasn't true.

I really wanted that group of friends to hang out with at

school. But I didn't even have that. I was just Zanna Purgeth, the girl who was still new after three years of going here. No one really knew me—not that anyone ever sat down and ever tried to

get to know me.

If all, I was just a waste of space at this school. A waste of space that clearly was invisible to everyone around me.

When I got off the bus

and entered the school's main lobby, there were 10 minutes left until the first bell rang. Everyone was mingling and conversing with one another like always,

while ole unavoidable me sat in the corner of the room trying to finish up last night's homework (my geometry homework wasn't completed).

Although my grades were great, that didn't mean I wasn't a procrastinator. I hated homework, and since I hated homework, I didn't think much about it.

The first thing I usually did when I got home was play Sims 3. I loved Sims. You could create the perfect life for you. You could be friends with everyone, and you could be great at any skill you

wanted to be great at.

But in reality, it wasn't like that. Everyone disliked you, and you weren't always great at whatever you wanted to be great at.

At least for me it seemed that way.

Moving my eyes away from the third problem of my geometry homework, I surveyed the room taking everyone in. I couldn't help but feel envious towards some of these people.

The people who had someone to talk to,

the people who never felt anxious when it came to picking a partner in class, or the people who knew exactly where they fit-in.

I felt a miserable sigh escape my lips... Where was my involvement? The more I surveyed the room, the more I came to the realization that my chances of making any friends here were slim.

I was a junior for Pete's sake and people still looked at me as if I were crazy. Was I crazy?

Surveying more of the room, I could feel someone's eyes on me. Who was staring at me? I then transfixed my eyes towards the direction of that person.

It was Blayze Terran.

Why was he staring at me?

I knew this might have sounded typical. However, Blayze Terran was one of the most popular guys at Wayward High. He played football, baseball, and some other sport I didn't know much about.

But there he was, standing amongst his jock friends, staring at me. I didn't think anyone else noticed. For a moment, it almost felt as if he and I were the only one's in the room.

I felt the urge to look away, but I didn't.

He was attractive, no doubt. His light brown hair, hazel eyes, and the freckles that seemed to claim only the bridge of his nose, were some of the attractive features he deemed.

His outfit was typical for any athletic guy to wear.

He was wearing a gray Nike shirt, some black basketball shorts, with a pair of black socks and Adidas sandals.

"He's staring at me!" That was when I looked away.

To my left stood Julie Tatherson, who was talking to her group of friends. I'd be flattering Julie too much, if I called her popular and beautiful. Her nasty personality was what made her ugly

inside and out. Her hair, brown and shiny, was always put into this messy bun with a different colored bow styling it each day, while her outfits always consisted of black leggings,

pink converse, and T-shirts that would say:

I Know I'm Beautiful, Everyone Loves Me, or even worse... My Haters Love Me.

"He's staring at me. Look!" Julie whisper-yelled

to her friends.

I glanced back at Blayze, who, now that I realized, hadn't been staring at me, but at Julie. Honestly I was embarrassed and slightly hurt at this revelation,

however it was something I've grown considerably accustomed to over the years. Before I had time to cover up my distressed feelings, I was saved by the bell.

After Yearbook, I had Geometry, then after Geometry

was lunch.

Thank God, Geometry had gone okay.

Mr. Harvey had figured it was going to be a "work day" today. Which meant, everyone in class would be working on a worksheet he handed-out, along with finishing last night's homework.

I had gotten both assignments finished and turned in.

Lunch was the usual.

I ate by myself in the vacant part of the lunch room.

While I ate my poorly packed lunch that consisted of a bruised apple, a small package of fruit snacks, and a sloppy sandwich with a cold soda, I popped in my ear phones and turned on my hand held

CD player, and listened to the Beach Boy's Pet Sounds album. It was the best album that ever existed. The vocal harmonies and melancholy sounds that intermingled with the uplifting

with the uplifting chord progressions and unpredictable syncopation were the true heart of the album that helped me get through each day here at school.

All in all, without music I'd be dead.

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