The girl With no Heart
The girl
With no
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destinydominiqu THOUGHTS . FEELINGS as raw as they'll be
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What does one do when they broke someone's heart?

The girl With no Heart

She walked around the forest Looking for her heart

Till she heard a clanking noise inside her chest

Then she remembered, Someone broke her heart. A long time ago

She continued walking when she met a blacksmith. She walked up to him and asked..

"Can you fix my heart?" The boy placed his ear against her chest and answered. "Sorry, I can't"

The girl looked down and started to leave slowly..

"Wait," Says the boy. "You are so pretty, you don't deserve a broken heart"

He rips his chest open and pulled his heart out, Handed it to the girl.

"Thank you" The girl said.. Then walked away.

The boy wandered, where she would go.. "I gave her my heart, why didn't she stayed?"

When another guy approached him and said... "The broken heart wasn't hers.. It was mine," The other guy sobs..

"That girl has no heart"

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